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Bread Bowl for Spinach Dip

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Bread Bowl for Spinach Dip

I am looking for a recipe for a good bread bowl for spinach dip.  I've been looking around the internet and haven't been able to find anything that looks like what I need, and I don't really feel like baking 7 loaves to figure out one that works for me.  I stumbled on this website and it seem pretty useful.  I have a spinach dip that I would like to put in a bread bowl.  Not everyone likes rye, so it cannot be a rye bead, but I would like it to have a hint of rye (a few of them have liked things like that before).  Does anyone have a recipe that would work for me?  Thanks.

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Umbreadman just baked a large batch of bread bowls. Check out the thread about it, which includes his recipe and the lessons he learned.

You could use pretty much any simple bread recipe, I imagine. I'd use something like umbreadman's recipe or the rustic bread recipe here as the base and tweak it accordingly.

Good luck!

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Why dont you try an American pumpernickel bread, you could add chocolate, or molasses, to get your dark color. American pumpernickel bread has a combination of wheat and rye flour.  This way you could have a nice dark loaf to make the bowl for the dip, and at the same time not have an overpowering rye taste.  But you'll still taste it in there.

American pumpernickel in by no means a true German pumpernickel, but it still tastes good in its own right.