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cooking with terracotta

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December 18, 2005 - 1:53pm -- manxman

further to talks re stones here is the flower pot bread which can be found in Paul Hollywoods "100 Great Breads"


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Submitted by pizzameister on

Looks like a "flour pot" to me.

Sorry :-&


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Submitted by timtune on

That's actually a great idea for a pannetone mould! - using flower pots
Did u line the pot with any baking paper?
Thx ;)

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Submitted by manxman on

for baking lined with silicone or normal baking paper and served without

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Submitted by soxkat4 on

Those are great, I love the way they are decorated on top to look like flowers.

I may be hitting a shop this week to pick up some clay pots! Plus, it gives me a chance to play, my favorite thing about baking!

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Submitted by Floydm on

Agreed that that is a great idea.

I have some little herb pots sitting in the shed that I may need to clean up to give it a shot.

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Submitted by manxman on

bread in picture is white bread with sweet peppers fried onion and herbs which I serve with BBQ. But at Xmas would look nice with sweeter breads


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Submitted by hotbred on

The cans from chineese chestnuts makes another cute loaf of bread for indevidual breads for the table. Like the little ones w the knot on top, Even flatten the little piece of dough lay in a piece of cheese & roll it up ,stuff it in a pot or can & it will bloom like a flower w cheese coming out of the top. good stuff hotbred!