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Baguettes and a blow out!

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Baguettes and a blow out!

Another baguette attempt, this time using Trevor Wilson's easy SD baguette recipe.  I doubled the recipe and made 4 x 350 g baguettes and a small boule with remaining dough.   It was a bit cool and dough was slow, I got hung up on time so I think I did not bulk ferment enough. Still, baguettes are a big improvement on last lot, I used my new larva rocks so although my steam technique still needs improvement I think there was definitely more steam in the oven.  The boule didn't fare so well and although I scored the top, I obviously didn't score suffiently.  The crumb on the boule was a bit tight and both baguettes and boule felt "heavy" so i think they needed more fermenting or proofing!  The baguettes are in the freezer so no crumb shot, we will see when they are eaten.

So there is still a long way to go. Next time I will allow more time and watch the dough not the clock!!!!! 


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The baguettes look great. Gotta watch the welding of the dough on boule though (actually that's what they call the seam in France - a 'soudure' or weld)

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Kendalm, the shaping wasn't too bad (scoring was not really good) but yes the caramelization was very nice.  Hubby thought they were ok but whilst the baguette tastes good, the crumb is a long way from that lovely baguette crumb you and alfanso achieve.  

still it is a learning curve and I should trust my instincts a bit more, lol.  It will be a while until I can do another baguette bake. but I will get back to it.

happy baking kendalm


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Just a steep learning curve.. :)