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December 18, 2007 - 12:58am -- redivyfarm

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Submitted by browndog on

 or laugebrezel, as the case may be.

After 9 months I've finally learned to check the photo gallery.

Just begging for a squeeze of mustard, those are. They look ever so tempting.

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Submitted by redivyfarm on

If you haven't made pretzels, you must! They are really fun to make and so yummy. The boy would go for them, I'm sure. I also looooove mustard, all kinds.

I just got my camera back so I'm shooting bread again. I wrote about this batch in response to a recent posting from someone looking for the wonderful Amish pretzels they remember. I'll have to write it up in a blog when I get a little time. The recipe is from a search here on TFL. After 12 months, I still don't know how to insert a link in this message for you to follow!

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Submitted by browndog on

Hope you and the bullies are all in good order.

No, I have never tackled soft pretzels, even though I absolutely love them. You're right, it (hopefully) would be a delight and surprise for the guys.

Nice to see your name on deck--Merry Christmas!