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What to Do with K5SS?

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What to Do with K5SS?

I have a Hobart-era KitchenAid K5SS which works great, but it is starting to ooze a little oil onto the beater shaft.

I had an old K5A which started to ooze oil. The problem was easily fixed by replacing a rubber O-ring on the main beater shaft. In order to replace this O ring it was necessary to open the mixer.

I want to open up my K5SS but the planetary pin that must be driven out in order to open it up just won't come out. I've tried all kinds of different tools, solvents and lubricants and that sucker just ain't coming out. I've seen the video from ereplacementparts and Mark makes it look so easy, but my pin is really stuck in there.

I'm not sure what to do with this mixer. Give it to the Goodwill? Send it out for repair? Throw it in the dumpster?

Any ideas?

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Show us a photo or two of the problem area; someone may be able to advise then.



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Old Baker

Yes, a picture is needed,  I'm not at all familiar with that mixer, but if you ultimately reach the point of either giving it away or throwing it in the trash, get the BIG hammer and have at it.  You may ruin it, but you were going to toss it anyhow.  So what's to lose?

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A big hammer might be the solution, and maybe build a jig to hold it while I'm pounding on it. I also need a better punch. I don't think I'll ruin it -- all I'm doing is driving out a pin.

The nice thing about the K5SS is that parts are still available for it. I hate to toss a serviceable Hobart-era KA mixer in the trash.

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that might be the source of your problem.  I don't know about that specific machine or that specific part but I remember taking a different model apart and one pin was tapered.  It could only be set or removed from one direction and in one orientation.

You'll need to look at a manual to know for sure.


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According to the manuals for the K5A and K5SS, they are the same part and are not tapered. I was able to drive out the pin on the K5A, and have brand-new replacement pins for the K5SS. I think all they changed between the K5A and K5SS were the control electronics.

The pin may have mushroomed, that is, become slightly flattened on one end or the other, when the previous owner worked on it.