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hello from a california

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hello from a california

Very excited about finding this wonderful website!  I have just started baking bread.  Looking forward to learning a lot from everyone,


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Welcome to TFL, Bakn4joy!

If you are just starting to bake bread, you will get up to speed way faster having found this place. There are many, many experienced, knowlegible and helpful folks here. Besides all that, they are inspiring.

Browse around in depth to get a feel for what's here. The search function is a good start to get answers to specific questions. But also post your questions and problems.

This group likes pictures of what eachother is baking. So, post yours. It's great to get feedback - praise, encouragement and solutions to problems.


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Where in  California are you? I'm in Sacramento.

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I am in Sacramento also!! Orangevale

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I will be baking those wonderful challah poppy seed rolls in the photo forum and will post up pictures when there done.  I am looking to start a sourdough starter, so I can try my hand at sourdough bread.  Is the "sourdoughlady" method with the pinapple juice the easiest starter? 

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Just joined and am in sacramento too!