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The flour fairies were good to me today

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The flour fairies were good to me today

Score!  I was shopping at Trader Joe's, and since I'm almost finished with my 50 pounds of flour I bought a while ago on an adventure with (Pyrex) Susan, I grabbed a bag of KA all-purpose flour to tide me over till I can make another mondo purchase.  At the register, the checker saw that the bag wasn't sealed (glue failure), so she had a guy fetch me another bag.  When he returned, he said he saw two other bags with bad seals on the shelf.  I offered to buy them at half-price, but the guy thought maybe that wouldn't fit with the store's POLICY, so I blew it off.  Then, as I was loading my car, the same guy came out to the parking lot and said his manager would sell it to me for half-price!  Yahoo!  So I got three 5-lb. bags for $1.40 each.

It's all gravy from here on out.


P.S.  I wouldn't recommend going to your local KA supplier now and casually loosening the bag, I wouldn't suggest that.  Santa is watching...

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Last year I hit TJ's on ... something like the 28th of December. They were selling off Advent Calendars for a penny each! I spent something like 35 cents and gave a box of chocolates to each of my coworkers. I still had enough left over keep the pantry full of cute little German chocolates all year.