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Dave W


Hi all,

Anyone got a nice and easy pannetone recipe to share ?


Dave W

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the breadman

Would love a panetone recipe! 


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I'm standing in line with you...I want a recipe too!

Preferably one that uses sourdough...but I won't be picky.

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i believe hefetc posted something about pannetone recently, linking to another post (here) which had more detailed comments and a link to the recipe used. I know it's a really roundabout way, but I knew i saw something recently....good luck.


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There's that post that you linked, of PMcCool's from last year, which is helpful (and links to a recipe that PMcCool had some issues with). Then I started up another thread here. The short version is probably that people really like Carol Field's Italian Baker recipe, and susanfnp linked to a really wonderfully thorough description of her procedure, based on her class at the SFBI.


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 I too would like to make it.....  qahtan

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Dave W

seems like its popular then, can we find a recipe ?
dave W
Just baking baguettes and apple chutney and some ones just brought round a hamper of fine cheeses !!!!!!!wow!!!!!

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I have actually been baking the one in BBA for the last week everyday and people are loving it.