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Don't look at my bottom

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Don't look at my bottom

I baked a couple of sourdoughs from Local Breads today. The first was a rustic French.

rustic french

Isn't that beautiful? Nice brown crust, good oven spring, great flavor.

The bottom? Oh... err....

rustic french

Yeah... Well, I ran out of parchment AND spray oil. Didn't have much luck getting it off the pan. The kids didn't miss the extra crust, but we did.

light rye bread

I also baked a light rye. I'll try to post the recipe in the next day or two.

I also made a pot of the Sweet Potato Sausage Soup that zolablue posted.

sweet potato soup

Really good stuff.


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Been there, done that...

Looks great in all other respects though, and the soup is practically flourescent. 

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Oh, how I sympathize with the bottom-crust-left-me-for-the-baking-pan many promises of coming easily away with me, all thrown away...

On a brighter note, I have a solution for the times you don't have parchment/spray oil/ etc. I've discovered that it helps if, just after proofing and just before the loaf goes into the oven, you take your bench knife and get underneath the loaf a little bit to free it up, moving it quickly to avoid dragging the dough. If the dough is strong enough, the slight manipulation shouldn't do anything drastic, and it should slide freely on the proofing/baking surface. It won't have enough time to re-adhere to the baking surface in the oven before the crust starts to form, so you can have your crust, top and bottom.

You just reminded me that I have to make ~20 bread bowls for a big end-of-class feast we're having on wednesday....


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Larry Clark

Holey Ciabatta!! 20 bread Bowls? What is you plan of attack? How much dough can you mix at one time? What does each bread bowl scale too? I can't imagine taking this on. I'm thinking of baking one boule, 3 or four batards, and a chocolate babka for Christmas eve and have yet to come up with a plan for getting it all done. -Larry