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Hello from upstate NY

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Hello from upstate NY

Many thanks to floyd and the many others who make this site so rich.


I have baked pretty much my whole adult life, but it was always "Betty Crocker" type breads, direct method, and quick stuff.


Recent influences that have had a big impact on my baking were Bernard Clayton, then Peter Reinhardt and Jeffrey Hamelman... From this site learning the folding technique was very transforming! But also the great general discussions about all the little issues and problems that arise and everyone's different approach to these.


A good regional bread for us here are the Heidelberg breads from Herkimer, NY, and a local favorite the Foti Bakery in Oneonta, NY.


My most recent baking was a batch of sourdough from the King Arthur Flour 200th Anniversary Cookbook, and yesterday the oatmeal cinnamon raisin bread from this site which has become a real favorite. Gotta have some of that in the house! I am assembling ingredients for Bernard Clayton's Swedish Limpa, which may be my favorite bread of all time! Also, I do almost all my baking with the "cold start" method.


Thank you all again for the wonderful ideas here.



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Welcome to the site!

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It sounds like you have been playing in Sour Dough already. I hope you will show us some of your work and join in the discussions, ask a question or what ever. You live in one of the pretty parts of the world, especially in Winter time. Nothing like upstate NY winters. How about that Herkimer County Cheese?

Hope to see you soon Brew,


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Heidelbergs about 5 minutes from my shop, and about 10 from my house.  I got the chance to set and chat with the owner when I was on a service call to his place a couple months back.  Nice fellow.  Tons of knowledge.  He gave me a tour of his baking rooms, and his ovens.  He is cranking out the bread, the mixing room alone is about the size of an automotive garage, and the mixer is large enough to mix up concrete for a nice patio.  I used his sourdough as a comparison, to see how mine stacked up.  

Its nice to see another Upstater around. 

Have a great day,