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Bready or not

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Bready or not

Hi Everyone!!

 So I'm new to the Fresh Loaf, but the site has already given me quite a 'rise.' I'm also new to the bread game in general (shame on me!). Until recently, I thought fancy bread was wrapped up in double plastic and stamped with the Pepperidge Farm logo. How silly am I? Very.

 Anyway, I've recently begun downloading bread recipes from the Internet (I've recently spent so many late nights downloading that my family wonders what I'm really downloading!). Let's just say that when it comes to bread, it's not as easy as it looks. While some loaves have come out quite nice. Good texture, ok shape, and great taste, I'm not where I want to be. In fact, I'm not where I knead to be. That's how I came up with my username for the site, MoBreadMoProblems. Because ain't that the truth? It's so delicious, but the time you spend can be a real vice.

 So I just wanted to introduce myself, as I'll likely be posting more and asking for a lot of advice.

Just loafing around,


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Hi Mo, welcome.


Have you seen the New Yourk Times no knead recipe from about a year ago? If not, check it out here


If you make this easy loaf to start you can get a sense of what fairly good bready looks and tastes like.




Paul Kobulnicky

Baking in Ohio

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Thanks, Paul. With winter rolling around here in New England, I'll have a lot of time to get this stuff right. I'll give this one a shot and let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

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Hi Mo.  I love the New York Times/Lahey recipe and bake it often.  If you want to get more involved in the breadmaking process, take a look at the Lessons tab at the top of the page. Welcome to the Fresh Loaf, and don't be shy about asking questions if you hit a snag!

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You know Mo, after buying and reading a half dozen or so books on bread, and countless funds being paid to my utility company for oodles of oven use.  I have found that my favorites are the simplist.  Not just in the way they are made but by flavor as well.

Floyd's lesson 1 bread, really, its great.

Flour-Yeast-Salt-Water...Done, no fancy frills, no complicated math.  Plain honest to goodness bread.  It is still one of my favorites....  Sure I get kinda quirky sometimes and a hairbrained idea will pop in my melon to try out, but I always know that this bread will give me exactly what it is suppose to.  Great tasting bread, made with my own two mitts.

Good luck, and feel free to ask anything.  There is a great group of people here..