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Some interesting ideas regarding New Orleans French Bread

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Some interesting ideas regarding New Orleans French Bread

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Her blog in general is worth take a look at. There are a lot of nice bread photos and recipes.

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Bring on the eggs and butter and sugar. All of her breads are gorgeous and look sooo delicious. I've been making mostly lean breads and I've been happy with most but Mariana is tempting me now. How does she get that sheen in her crumb? 

Is this the mariana who hasn't posted here lately? The beautiful breads look like hers.                                       weavershouse

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I am looking forward to some po boys!  Thanks for the info



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OK - I'm not new to baking bread, but I've only been self taught - with modest sucess.  My bread is tasty and edible, if a bit dense and not too pretty... but I digress...

 I've noticed that 'all' long loafs (baguettes, french bread, etc) have browned bottoms that curve up the sides slightly.  They're obvoiusly cooked on a special pan, right?  Otherwide the bottoms would just be flat.  I just looked at the above link, and those loafs are no exception.  With a little diamond-like pattern.  What do I need to do to get the loafs that way?  I also assume what whatever pan that is keeps the bread rising in an upwardly way - not spreading out.  Any help/suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. My last batch of french bread was yummy but only about 2 inches high - but spread to 5 inches wide.



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Larry Clark

 is what you're looking for.



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that would be my problem.  Well, now I at least know that it wasn't my bread's fault for being flat... thanks!

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Carrie you don't need any special bread pans to get your bread sides to curve up. :) The curving is done by high oven temperature and proper proofing time for your bread.

All you have to do is find a decent bread recipe from a reputable source and follow it carefully. 

Good Luck.