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oil mister?

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oil mister?

Anybody have a good recommendation for an oil mister? I've had a few different models but none were super good, I want one with a good spray--and figured folks here might have tried some. I like to make pita chips etc and it would be handy (and healthier) to just mist them with olive oil--right now I use a brush....


Thanks in advance!

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I've had the Misto brand for years.  You need to clean them fairly often to keep the spray up to par. 


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I've use a couple of different misters that you fill yourself. As mkelly27 said, they need frequent cleaning. I have most recently used one I got from The Baker's Catalogue. I noticed that, since I got mine, they have changed their blurb to describing it as a water mister. I bet that's because of complaints about how quickly it gets gunked up when used as an oil sprayer.

I've switched to using oil in pressurinzed cans. They work better, use less oil and don't seem to get messy. So far, I'm much happier with this solution.


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I asked about them some time ago and there were quite a few people who added info. Just do a search on misters and it will come up.                                             weavershouse

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I also have a pump refillable mister. I bought it for misting oil but I was having to clean it every time I wanted to use it so I also reverted to using it for water only. The pressure cans of spray oil work well for the few times I need spray oil. I have discovered I need less oil as I have learned to handle dough properly.


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  Well, lots to think about.  I may try another misto (had one years ago) and just try to be more dilligent with the cleaning.  Thanks all.

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There are quite a number of oil misters out there and I think I've tried about all of them. The best one I found is made by Endurance. It's simply called Endurance Oil Mister and is offered by many different companies, to include and found on eBay. This one is not stainless steel but has an acrylic body with a stainless steel cap. I'm not sure exactly what makes it so good, but I love it. I just give it six to seven pumps (when depressuried) and spray away. It has rubber seals on it and can hold pressure for quite some time.

This particular mister has not clogged up on me in a long time and I use a medium olive oil in it. You do need to keep the spray head clean if you want a fine spray, but it works SO MUCH better than any other mister I've tried. I've given this particular mister to family as gifts because I love it so much. Just recently bought three more for other oil mixes I use.

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Mike Avery

I've had a number of oil sprayers over the years.  Mr. Misto, a health food store brand, Pampered chef all come to mind.


All of them clogged up with olive oil.  And all of them seemed to use the same pump mechanism.  While a stainless steel body might not melt if you put it too close to a stove top, at the end of the spray, the sprayer is what counts. 

And they all seem to be the same.


The pamperered chef one semeed to last better than the others, but 3 months of commercial bakery use and it was clogging every time I turned around.

A quick look at the Endurance sprayer on Amazon looks like it uses the same sprayer as the rest of the gang.


My answer?  I cringe and buy extra virgin olive oil in a spray can.  I cringe because I don't like using things in aerosol cans.  However, the folks who make vegalene also make "Olive Mist" and it's worked well for me.  Lots of oil in a can, and a reasonable price.   Check with Sam's Club. Costco, commercial food outlets, and see if you cand find it.  I think it's worth it.




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We sell a lot of customers an LM25 Food Gun for spraying oil, butter and grease.  Many have been in operation for 10+ years and are still going strong. 

Hand pumps just don't offer the necessary continual pressure and are often difficult to clean- one of the reasons to use a more efficient and powerful solution like a purpose designed electric food sprayer.  We recommend the LM25 for lower viscosity liquids such as olive oil, butter etc. or the LM45 for spraying chocolate and jams.

for more info, google: KREBS_Switzerland_Food_Gun_Brochure.pdf 

KREBS Switzerland LM25 / LM45 Food Guns







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as much as I like olive oil and buy it very locally, as I live amidst millions of olive trees and at least 3 olive presses within a 1km range, I have switched to oil made from sunflower seeds. I only use it for misting proofing bowls and, as it is not as dense as olive oil, I don't ever need to clean my 5 euro mister. I really do not want to use any aerosol products if not necessary.


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Thanks for the info. I have now placed an order for LM25. In my experience, almost all pump action triggers only squirt. So look forward to this. regards Dee.

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Robert Kray

Hi Dee. I hope your Ex-LM25 (it is now called the multiSPRAY; still the same product though) is making you happy. Please be invited to share pics into our Facebook Community:

Regarding the topic above - the electric sprayer is totally easy to clean and re-assemble. Check it out:


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Here is how to clean your electric oil sprayer to avoid clogging. It is actually the multiSPRAY being talked about above. You should do this each time after you've finished your working day ... it's qucik n' easy!