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I was concerned that my success with the whole grain hearth bread that I posted about early last month was just a one-hit wonder. Thankfully, it seems I can repeat it. Here's a few loaves that have come out of the oven in the past weeks:

I've also used the same technique for a 60-40 whole wheat to whole rye batard, and it, too, turned out well, though the crumb was, naturally, much tighter than in the loaves pictured here. I'd have taken pictures, but the camera was full and, by the time I got around to downloading them off of the camera's video card, the loaf was just a little nubbin.


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I love your formula. I've baked it three times now and my loaves look like the ones you picture. It is the first whole grain bread that my family is really enthusiastic about. This bread is surprisingly light in texture, don't you think? My camera has been away but it's home now. I'll snap a few pics the next time I bake. You're onto another winner, JMonkey.