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Which is it - bread pan or baking stone???

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Which is it - bread pan or baking stone???

I have yet to bake my first loaf, and can't seem to get beyond a seemingly fundamental question - do I use a baking pan or do I use a baking stone - or do I use both? We have a Wolf oven with a baking stone (it sits at the bottom of the oven). The recipe I wish to try calls for a baking pan, but I'm wondering if I can also use the stone (on which to place the pan). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated....


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Eh... Neither one is right for all occasions. I say if the recipe calls for baking in a pan, bake it in a pan the first time. If it turns out well, try it again a week later but bake it directly on the stone. It just takes trial and error to figure out which style you prefer.

Good luck. I hope your first loaf comes out well.

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If you want sandwich bread, a pan would probably be better for you. If you want more "artisinal" looking bread, go for the stone. Also, if you want a crunchy crust, go for the stone. For white bread, it doesnt really matter I don't think. Just personal preference/situational call.

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Thanks - can I do both? Can I put the pan on the stone, or is that just silly?


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You certainly can put the pan on the stone. If you are talking about a metal pan that is. If you are baking in a glass or ceramic pan, I think I would be careful about that.

Metal pan on stone will heat up faster, but will keep a more even heat. Since you mention that the stone is at the bottom of the oven, keep in mind that the stone may reach temperatures above the oven temperature, due to direct radiational heating from the heating element. This could cause the bottom of your panned loaf to burn if temp gets too high. I think you will be fine with it though. As everything, trial and error rule, till you get the hang of it in your setting.


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I have baked with pan's on a stone many times. I've heard that the stone is a good heat sink, and will help keep the oven temperature more stable.

I've also heard that it helps with oven spring.

Anyone heard similar?