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Toasted Farro and Flax Sourdough with Oat Porridge

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Toasted Farro and Flax Sourdough with Oat Porridge

One of my pilates instructor is going to a party and she has to bring a homemade gift. The problem is that she isn't very domestic so I volunteered to make her one of those soups in a jar and a loaf of bread. While I was at it, I made up enough dough to give the soup kitchen 3 loaves next Monday. I usually bake for them on Sunday but I can't make up the dough on Saturday as usual since my family is having Xmas dinner on Saturday and I won't be home. So this worked out well.

In case you are wondering, yes, I am bringing bread for Xmas dinner. I will be making the dough Friday and baking early Saturday morning. The plan for that is Triple Kamut Sourdough with Flax, Triple Spelt with Flax and hopefully, some San Joaquin Baguettes. I have the Kamut and the Spelt sprouting now. I hope to mill some Kamut and Spelt in the next couple of days.

Anyhow, back to the homemade gift. I was looking for something that would go well with soup and that even the most picky person would like. Oats are always a winner in bread and the taste of toasted faro and toasted flax should be a pretty good tasting combo. Here is the recipe (too lazy to type it all out so you get a picture):

All four loaves on the island:

And then lined up cooling on the counter.

I cleaned a couple of baskets from their thick layer of flour so those are the ones with less flour on them. I have to get the other two scrubbed out.

Sorry, no crumb shot since they are all destined for someone else. However, judging from the great oven spring I got, the crumb should be wonderful.


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They have to be delicious, too.


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love to receive one of those and paired with soup too!  Yummy.  Very well done indeed.

Happy baking Danni

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What a treat it is that you share your skills, time and materials with others on a regular basis. A gift of food, homemade with care and given with love is the best. Thank you for doing it, and may you and yours enjoy a lovely holiday!


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me blush of embarrassment. Thank you for the kind words!

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Looks delicious. Spelt, Kamut, Flaxseeds, my kinda breads.

P.s. when you say Faro are you using this term generically for both spelt and kamut?

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but when I dug deeper, it is partially hulled Spelt. I tried sprouting it once and no luck. It worked well toastedvand soaked. 

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Ils ont l'air trop délicieux, tes pains ! Encore un super fournil ; tes copains sont carrément gâtés.

Un vrai régal, au moins pour les yeux. Bravo, Danielle !

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Je suis sûre que je vais reprendre cette recette un jour et comme ça, je pourrai y goûter. Je suis super contente de leurs formes et il y avait une petite odeur délicieuse de sucré qui flottait dans l'air une fois les pain cuit. Ça m'a surprise un peu mais ça doit venir de la croûte qui est bien dorée. 

J'adore faire du pain alors partager avec les autres me donne une raison d'en faire plus. ;-)  

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Great bake Danni, I really love the look of these. 

I totally agree, oats is always a winner. Its very subtle, and I find it makes the crumb soft and fluffy. 

I'm sure your friend will be a star at the dinner party when she shows up with one of those loaves. 

Happy baking! 

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Anyone will love these! One of the best gifts is some food you made yourself.

P.S. I always thought you write your notes in French. My notes will never look that neat and they are always written with code switching among languages I know. :P

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with a hubby that only speak English so that is the language of our household. And because the recipes I read about are in English, I keep my Bread diary in English too which is a good thing since I can just post a pict and you can read it without having to translate. 

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Great loaves.. I can't imagine how great they must taste!

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I don't post much anymore but wanted to say that your breads and use of ingredients are impressive. I have never sprouted grains and haven't yet purchased a mill but am thinking I will explore these ,new to me , areas in the coming year. Thank you for posting such great detailed info . caroline 

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I am so glad that I am able to inspire others because I certainly am motivated by all the breads that are posted here and I do remember seeing some of yours. I love being part of this community!

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Great job done!

Happy baking Danni!



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of them all lined up on the kitchen counter.  Baking is fun, if not addictive.  I, on the other hand, am NOT addicted! Just attracted...