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Congratulations Artisans....

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Congratulations Artisans....

Congratulations Artisans.....You know you have Arrived when artisan bread baking has an almost full page spread in the Financial Times newspaper of today, December 1, 2007.

He notes in closing that  "A good baker needs to be humble and eastern europeans are willing to learn." 

I did not think too many people subscribe to it, so thought I would let you know just in case. 

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Interesting article.  Thanks for the post, CountryBoy.

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The bakeries featured in the article are a French chain called "Paul." I didn't know this was a chain. We found one near our hotel in St. Germain du Pre, and it was where we went for petit dejeuner most mornings on our last two visits to Paris. 

They had wonderful cakes and pastries as well as an overwhelming variety of breads. There was always a long line at the counter. They seem to have done well.