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gluten free breads

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gluten free breads

    I made several attempts to make rice flour bread,non worked well.I noticed that the loaves woud cook well on the out side but fall in the middle'so I tried small batches in the microwave ,they cook fast and in the middle .you only need plastyic storage dishes to cook in .so far Ihave made cornbread,wallnut banana bread. and white bread I believe the method would work with regular cake and bread  but i'm doing gluten free stuff do to wheat sinsivenity.

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It's the gluten formed from wheat flour that gives bread its strength, allowing it to hold its shape when risen. I've read of people who successfully make gluten free bread, but it's usually from a blend of flours, and the techniques are different than for wheat bread.  Much of the work that we do in baking with wheat involves developing the gluten.  If you don't get a response here,  you might try a celiac forum, or perhaps the yahoo mixers group.

Good luck!  It's a challenge, but I know it can be done with very nice results.  Oh, has some gluten free mixes for baking.