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chefmate non removable paddle

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chefmate non removable paddle

I bought a used chefmate machine. The bread turned out okay, but the dang thing appears to have a NON removable paddle, the bread, of course, stuck to the paddle and I had a heck of a time getting it out...I didn't think machines came with non removable paddles! The bread bakes in  removable pan with a bucket like handle. Is this machine designed like this? its an older model. If this is just the design, how do you get the bread out?

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rearching it through google. I bet you can find a manufacturer's webstie that will have all the information you need. Happy baking...


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Mike Avery

If you fill the bread pan partly with water and let it sit overnight, your paddle should come out.  It sounds like someone didn't clean the machine very well.


I've never seen a machine where the paddle wouldn't come out.


Once you get it out, a spray of PAM or other kitchen oil as you start filling your bread machine should keep it from sticking again.


As to not doing it often, when I lost the bearings on my first bread maker, I was told the bearings under the paddle don't really like being wet.  It seems to wear them out faster.  Yeah, that  includes the delayed bread making cycles.


The bearing is usually replaceable, but not cheaply or easily.




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My machine always gets the oil for the recipe in the pan first.
It is directed right over the blade.
Yes, from past experience this has solved the problem for me.