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A busy weekend

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A busy weekend

This weekend was busy in the kitchen. I was asked to make bread for a thanksgiving dinner. I decided to go with the same butternut squash loaf from last week (the only change I made was to add a 1/4 tsp more cinnamon and nutmeg), and an oat porridge loaf for those who don’t like cinnamon, nutmeg and/or nuts (although I was hard pressed to figure out how this could actually be possible, I know that there are some people who don’t)

The formula and method for the oat porridge loaf are exactly the same as the last time I made it, I just doubled up the recipe and then divided the dough.


I’m happy with the oven spring I got on the boules, I felt that the dough was a lot stronger than the batard, which spread a lot more than it rose. The dough for the batard felt very wet even after all the folds. I thought of adding more flour, but that has never ended well for me. I think the butternut I used just had a lot more moisture than the previous ones, but that’s okay too! 

 Triple nut, butternut squash loaf

I think this has been my best attempt at the butternut loaf, i'm going to leave that formula alone now.

Oat porridge loaf 1

Oat porridge loaf 2

The crumb on the first boule was a bit tighter. I knew it would be, when I was shaping, there was a “fault line” down the side. I was worried that the loaf would explode through there if I didn’t fix it, so I over handled the dough a bit.

I tried some swirly scoring on the second boule…not 100% successful, but I’ll keep working on that. Any tips are welcome.

Happy baking!! 


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Breads look so gorgeous, in and outside. I bet these butternut ones taste delicious.

Very interesting to read about the batard.  Was the recipe/ dough the same?  so curious about why that would be the case w the same dough.  What do you think?

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You're so kind! The butternut squash loaf has become a favorite for me. My mom is coming to visit and this is the first loaf i'm going to make for her!

I'm not sure what happened with the dough for the batard, i kept everything exactly the same. So either i measured something wrong or it was just a squash with a bit more moisture than the previous ones. But no matter, all's well that end well. 

Hope all is well in you kitchen? Looking forward to your next bake. 

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really very nice loaves Ru. Adding butternut squash could be sometimes quite unpredictable because it can contain a lot more moisture than one expects. Last time I was baking with it I had to add some flour because the dough was really so wet that I just decided to add some flour and a pinch of salt. 

Happy baking Ru!


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I'm also convinced it was the butternut squash. i just wasn't brave enough to add more flour, last time i did that i didn't get the proportions right and the loaf tasted very bland. So i decided to just leave it. I guess it was good practice for me to work with wet dough! . 

I'm glad you liked the post!

Happy baking Joze, what's next for you?


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Are the butternut loaves shaped into batards and the oat porridge loaves into boules? Maybe, you can add the water little by little until it's the consistency you're used too next time so the dough won't be too wet as squash moisture levels are tricky.

You'll do a better job with the fancy swirling next time, I'm sure!

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I appreciate the compliment.

The next time i work with butternut i will hold back some water, and see what the dough feels like first. Thanks for the tip :)

I'm so glad i was brave enough to try something different with the scoring. Even if it wasn't perfect, i'm going to be so much more confident the next time. 

Yes, i shaped the butternut loaf into the batard and the oat loaves into boules. 

Happy baking Pal

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guests had to be impressed with both of them.  Swirly scoring is way better than squirrely scoring any day too.

Well done and happy baking Ru 

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LOL! I like the swirly scoring, I'm definitely going to experiment with this more!

The bread was really well received, especially the butternut squash loaf. 

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Happy baking.

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"signature" look to your breads.  These venture far afield from my own comfort zone, but I love when folks like Ru you create these marvels and post them.


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I really appreciate that, especially coming from you :)

I think its great to have a distinctive style, still figuring mine out but I'm happy to be getting there.

Happy baking :)

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but then they usually are :)

I think it is time to have a go with a butternut squash bread before it is too late - I still have a couple from the last harvest in April.

Well done Ru, enjoy your Mom's visit


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I appreciate your kind words. 

I'm sure mom will like this one. She's a big fan of cinnamon so fingers crossed. 


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Your weekend must be filled with fun making all these beautiful breads.  They must have made the Thanksgiving dinner extra special! How lucky are your guests/friends!  I especially like the swirly scoring, it reminds me of the curvaceous silhouette of a beautiful lady... 

Good job!


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LOL!! You know you're a serious baker when bread reminds you of a beautiful lady!

So nice to hear from you! 

Hope all is well your kitchen? 

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Great job Ru.  I'm sure your guests must have gobbled these up :).

Its always nice when people show their appreciation by eating your breads!



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The last time i baked for a fairly big party, it was cakes. So this was a very different for me, not being involved in the sweet side of things. 

Happy baking