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Hello from Vancouver Island, B.C.

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Hello from Vancouver Island, B.C.

Hello all,

Found this wonderful site a short while ago while looking for sites with different bread recipes. Am back into making bread after a 3 month stint in the North West Territories as a camp cook for a Diamond Drilling Company doing exploratory drilling for Rare Earth Minerals. Was an interesting experience in the middle of the wilderness with very basic cooking facilities and limited freezer space cooking for 11 and up to 15 people each day. Was a decision on my part to start to bake bread there to save all freezer room for meat. Everything came in by float plane and flights were not on a regular basis. 4 loaf batches of bread each day was the norm - usually made into buns by popular demand. S/S bowl and wooden spoon was as high tech as it got. My Joy of Cooking book was invaluable for a basic White Bread recipe. After ordering Rye flour for 6 weeks and finally receiving some started adding that to recipe for a healthier loaf for the white bread boys without their knowing it.

Anyway am preparing for my next stint up there in January - so will be better prepared as am packing a crate to ship up with me - with hard to get there foodstuffs and most importantly a new Cusinart Mixer - to make the job easier. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes here before I head out so I am better prepared.

Cheers all, appreciate the boundless knowledge shared here - hope I can add something somewhere sometime as I work my way through some of the recipes.


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And what an adventure! We'd love to hear some of your NWT baking stories when you get back. Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. It's a great place to share and learn.


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Welcome to the Fresh Loaf, Heather. That does sound like a found job!  Especially since you get to alternate time there with time at home.  Have you ever worked with white whole wheat flour?  You might be able to sneak some of that in as well.