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Pain de campagne plus

Pain de campagne plus

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This is my everyday bread. A couple years ago after trying a new recipe every time I baked and having to diagnose when something went wrong, my wife told me that I should focus on doing one thing really well for awhile. This is what I did and feel like I know the bread really well. It makes the best toast and grilled cheese but is also good for eating out of hand. 



Prep time
Cooking time35 minutes
Total time35 minutes


580 g
120 g
Rye (Wholegrain) Flour
20 g
Salt, Kosher
300 g
starter @ 100% hydration (my starter is 50/50 whole wheat/white)
720 g


 Baker's percentagesFlour 1000 White 58Wheat 30Rye 12Salt 2Water 72Levain 30 (15% pre-fermented dough)(If doing 24 hour no-knead variety do 5% levain as suggested by this post )  Stretch and Fold method 

  1. The day before you start build your starter to get up to required levain 
  2. Except for salt add all ingredients together and stir until water incorporated and shaggy
  3. After 30 minutes of autolyse, add salt, and stretch and fold
  4. Stretch and fold every half hour 2 more times
  5. Do a final stretch and fold and then shape loaf
  6. Bake at 450 for 15 minutes using the steaming towel method
  7. Remove steam and bake another 20 minutes or preferred color of crust

If you want to do this as a no knead/hands off bread it also works decently well to add all the ingredients together, do one stretch and fold after 30 minutes and then let it rest for 18 hours, then shape it the next day and bake as above. 



This bread is inspired by a mix of Forkish, Hammelman, and of course DMSnyder's San Joaquin. I've learned a lot from The Fresh Loaf and grateful for this community. 


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Pall.. Sounds like a nice loaf - pictures would be great too. I thought the calculator you have built into your message is a nice little trick! How did you do that? I think you're married to a smart woman.. we try to over complicate life, wanting to master too many things, when the simplest require enough effort on their own to master that we often learn more by doing less..  Bake happy.. bread1965

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I just added photos in case anyone is interested. I don't always take pictures of my bread so didn't have any on hand when I wrote this.  In regards the calculator it is baked in to the template on thefreshloaf if you go to the recipe section and add a recipe.  It is pretty neat.