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Hi from Seatle...

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Hi from Seatle...

Hi everyone.

 I live in Seattle and a couple months ago I was looking at the label on the bread we get for our kiddo's sandwiches.  Wow, what a list!

So, here I am thinking, may have been a long time but is not bread:






Bit o sugar...

 What IS the stuff on that list?  SO I decided to never buy bread again (cept from Great Harvest)  and our boys are VERY happy about this as it seems I ran across the right way to make the best sandwich bread.

Now I think it is time for me to expand my repertoire...  


This looks to be a great site, I hope I enjoy it here as well as it looks that some of you do! 

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Hi and welcome to this fantastic site, with one caveat - it is REALLY addictive! The members are all so helpful and someone will always jump in to answer what you might think is a simple question. My bread has improved so much since I have been a member. Jump in and join the rest of us bread nuts. I live on Whidbey Island and bake every chance I get - my freezer is full! A.

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Welcome to the show. Is there a link to or location I can get this best sandwich bread formula?




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Well, I have been thinking about writing it up, I am really a cook so baking ANYTHING was daunting to me, haha.

I understand you cook, or you bake.

Maybe I get to be that rare person who can do both? I have to admit my pies rock!

I will write it up soon, I write articles on a site often and do pics so I will have to do the pics and then I can write it up.

Thanks for the welcomes!! I can understand how some forums can be addictive, I Admin on a garden site and am there all too often, haha...

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Did I miss the recipe?  I would love to try it.

Thanks, SueLynn in Louisiana


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LOL, no, I just joined the other day and it has been busy at work, I need to take some pics and write it up yet, thanks!