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Question about time baking in the oven vs size loaf

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Question about time baking in the oven vs size loaf

I want to make a large Finnish Rye (you can find the recipe  here :



My question : the temperature is 210°F and baking time like 65 minutes for a small 500 grams loaf.

I want to make it  large (1 Kilogram).  How long will it need to bake?  Double amount of time? 

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   I checked out that recipe and it said 410 deg. F. I don't know if you made a typo, but 210 sounded very low to me. I'm not sure how much longer you'd have to bake, but you'd probably have to lower the 410 temp for a longer baking. Some of these high saturation European ryes in that size range bake at 350 for 2 hours or so. you could bake it at 410 for 15 mins. or so and then reduce temp. The high temp will give you a good crust and the lower temp will allow it to bake through. a lot of these breads are also baked in loaf pans, but not that one. If you have an instant read thermometer you could check the internal temp around 2 hrs. You should be around 200 F . It would probably never reach that with an oven temp of 210 without completely drying out. The bread looks really nice. You're definitely in the experiment mode by doubling the size.

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Thanks JERSK!  Yeah, I made a typo.  I will try to bake like you mentioned.

Yeah, I have an instant read thermometer, so checking the internal temperature is no problem.

Do you know if the small size common for these high saturation European ryes? 


I know why I made that typo : 410°F is 210° Celcius, and European, so forgive me my mistake. 

Thanks again for the info, 


BTW, I made it already 500 grams : 

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I've made as large as a 5 lb loaf before, it took longer but worked fine.  My advice would be to put it on the lowest rack possible (at least in my oven, highter means the top browns faster), cover the top with foil if it looks like it's browning too fast, and check the temp every 10 minutes or so beyond the original cooking time of the recipe until it reaches 200 degrees.

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Thanks, will try it!  Great tips.

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Well, my advice would have been what JERSK said, but verminiusrex's suggestion makes good sense too.

Glad you like the bread :-)


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Thanks a lot everyone  for the info.  The loaf is baked.  It took like 20 minutes extra.  I did lower the temperature.  After 20 extra minutes the inside temperature was 198°F and I took it out of the oven.

This morning I ate several slices and it tasted delicious!

Thanks again everyone!