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Free Dan Lepard baking guide in The Guardian (UK) on Saturday

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Free Dan Lepard baking guide in The Guardian (UK) on Saturday

A heads up for anyone in the UK: On Saturday, November 24th the editors at The Guardian are giving away a 100-page detailed baking guide edited by Dan Lepard. A sneak peek at it is available over in his forums:

This looks well worth picking up.

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staff of life

Hmmmm... I wonder what those top teacakes are.


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I will pay for it, no problem.  Please???


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I wonder if there's any way we can get in "on line"? Maybe the local B&N will have the Guardian Sunday paper for sale?


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  Add me to the above list .. if it`s no problem.

 Thanks and Ya`ll have a GREAT DAY .. If all the baking & cooking has'nt tuckered ya out.


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I'd love to have one as well.  I'll check to see if the local bookstores carry the Guardian.  I've read articles online, but never looked for the paper itself.

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I got the email from his forum too.  One thing for people not lucky enough to have a friend in the U.K. to send it to them (like me) he said it will be available on the website. 

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Will it be available on his website or the Guardian's?  TY!!

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Paddyscake, I'm assuming Dan Lepard's website - he already has a couple of pages there. Might be worth checking some of the big bookstores to see whether they carry The Guardian, but of course they might skip the 100 page insert because of the weight. A.

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Floyd, many thanks for the heads up about the guide. I emailed my favorite niece in London and she says she will get one for me, but it's nice to know it will be available on the website if she forgets. Made me re-read his book last night and I hope to make his Rolled Oat and Apple bread tomorrow, A.