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I thought it was about time

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I thought it was about time

that I said hi to everyone. My Name is Steve, I actually joined about three weeks ago and have been lurking. I have tackled a couple of projects. I did the recipe in the post titled "My Daily Bread" then modified it  by throwing my newly created sourdough starter into the mix.

 I have since gone to the library and checked out "The Bread Bible" and have made a couple of recipies out of it, including the prosciutto ring. I'm having a blast.

 So anyway, hi everyone.

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Hi Steve!

Welcome to TFL!

I've just been hanging out here for a few weeks myself, and my progress in bread baking has accelerated like I wouldn't have believed.

There is a wealth of knowledge among the regulars. If you are getting into sourdough baking, you will learn a ton.

Post pictures of what you're baking. (This is a real bread porm site, if you haven't discovered that already.)



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Hi there and welcome. I have only recently joined too. : )

Amy in Alaska

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Mini Oven

To one and all.  Welcome and have a blessed Holiday!

Mini O