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Any other suggestions?

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Any other suggestions?

So I posted some pics of the Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread and like I mentioned it my posting, being from Eupope (Belgium) I never tasted bread with cinnamon in it.  I also made the cranberry walnut loaf, which is I guess very common in the States since the cranberries are grown there.  In fact, the fresh cranberries we find in the store over here are all from 'Ocean Spray', which is a USA company.

So, my question for you guys : which other bread is typical American, has a great taste and should I try baking?  Any suggestions? 

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Maize is the characteristc grain of North America, and impatience the characteristic personality attribute,  So I'd recommend that next you essay either cornbread or biscuits. Both are 'quick,' chemically leavened breads: one with coarse maize, the other with soft wheat flour.

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Thanks,  on page 151 of the Peter Reinhart Baker's apprentice there is a recipe for corn bread.  It's is on my list of breads I need to bake in the near future.


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I completely agree.

Quick breads were the first thing that came to mind, though I think (after glancing at the sidebar) that a buttermilk white, either as rolls or pan bread, is very typically North American, or a Parker House roll.

Yes, cornbread and biscuits, in their various incarnations, wonderful.

But gingerbread is pretty downhome Americana, too, served warm with a little applesauce or whipped cream, and I think many of us as children were lucky enough to find thick slices of banana bread in our school lunch boxes.

Bart, cranberry walnut quick bread is typical, quite common holiday fare here. Cranberry walnut yeast bread is a little more unusual. Naturally.


OH, OH, I have to run!!


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    They say the U.S. is a cornbread nation. You can tell what part of the country you're in by the cornbread. Especially good with barbecue, another fiercely regional issue.

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Thanks a lot for all your feedback, it seems there is plenty of bread that I can bake.  I will do in the near future and post some pics when they are baked.

Thanks for the all the info!


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