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Black Rye Rolls

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Black Rye Rolls

These are my attempt at black rye rolls, again from Beth Hensperger's The Bread Bible.* I thought I wouldn't have enough rye flour but then I did -- phew!

I consider these rolls a success, cracks and all, for several reasons: 

First, this was only my second time working with rye flour, and I almost didn't have enough. 

Secondly, I really had to follow my gut here because I didn't have one of the ingredients and knew I'd have to adjust the moisture to make up for it. Which I did. While I don't "blind bake" bread, exactly, I also don't like to deviate that much from a recipe. I think the fact that I could feel my way into a successful roll is a sign that I am learning and getting better. 

Thirdly, I don't have a food scale and so when making rolls use what I call The Scone Method; I divide the dough into scone triangles and then roll them into rolls. Despite this, I still ended up with a mishmash of rolls and mini-boules.