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Using a Champion Juicer to grind Poppy Seed?

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Using a Champion Juicer to grind Poppy Seed?

It's a family tradition of ours at Christmas to make poppy seed cake - kind of like a sweet bread dough with poppy seed paste spread on it which is then rolled up like a swiss roll and baked.  Mum has always done it in the past, but I'm trying to take it on now.

I need to figure out how to grind the poppy seed though.  Last year I tried making the paste with unground poppy seed, and it just wasn't right.  I have a Champion Juicer, with the grainmill attachment which I use for grinding wheat for my flour, and I was wondering how it might go with Poppy Seed.

Mum always just uses an electric coffee grinder to grind her poppy seed, and she adds sugar to it to make it grittier and soak up the juices.  (you put sugar in the paste anyway, the rest of the ingredients for the paste is jam, minced apple, water and breadcrumbs) Thats what I'm worried about - you're not meant to put anything with moisture into the grainmill  - but what if you put sugar in with the poppy seed?  Anyone have any idea if it would work?  I really don't want to risk damaging my grainmill.

I use the juicer and blanking plate for nutbutters, and I did try that for poppy seed, but it just passed straight through - not doing anything.

Any suggestions?

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Mini Oven

Run just the poppy seeds through the mill, but no need to make a fine flour out of them, use a coarse setting.   Since poppy seed desserts are common here, there is a coffee grinder at the supermarket just for poppy seeds  (at the bagging center).  If you have any other kind of grinder, or even a blender, try it. The other ingredients can be added later to the warm milk or water. 

The first time I looked at ground poppy seeds, I thought nothing had happened also, then I looked very closely and noticed the outer shells had been cracked, that's all it takes. 

Mini O

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I am wondering if you used your Champion Grain Mill for your poppy seeds and how it worked.  When I saw your post, I have to admit I cringed.  I use my Champion Grain Mill attachment all the time, but I have always used a little electric grain/coffee mill for my poppy seeds, since they are so sticky.  Poppy seeds may even be one of the those things that are expressly forbidden to be ground in the mill by Champion.

 I, too, traditionally make a poppy seed roll for holidays.  It is a major pain to use the tiny capacity coffee grinder when I am making large quantities, but I haven't found anything else that works.  I would be terrified of using the Champion mill b/c of jamming potential and clean-up nightmares, and the larger food processor I used to have just spun the seeds round and round.





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No I couldn't bring myself to do it, the risk to my champion grinder wasn't worth it!  What I did end up doing was asking my Mum to grind some for me which she happily did and mailed to me.  (Aren't Mums wonderful!)  And then she informed me that she bought me a similar grinder to the one she uses in the sales so I won't have the same problem again.

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I've got a Matstone juicer - similar to the champion I think - but also not sure about using it for poppy seeds. Does a coffee mill work?



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Mini Oven

for grinding poppy seeds. 


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Last year we bought a Cuisinart coffee mill that does a lousy job at grinding coffee. I was just about throwing it out when the necessessity of grinding poppy seed came up. I tried it with the coffee mill - and it worked great!

If you make pastry with poppy seeds more often, I would definitely buy a cheap coffee mill.

Several of you mention making poppy seed pastry for Christmas. I prefer Poppy Seed Stollen (Mohnstollen) to the regular one. In case someone of you need a recipe for "Mohnback", a ready-made German poppy seed paste, it's easy to make it yourself.

What kind of poppy seed roll do you make?


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How does the Champion grain mill attachment work for wheat berries, I picked a Champion up last year at a yard sale for peanuts and was wondering how it would work for grains...