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Bakery in Spello, Umbria called Artiganale

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Bakery in Spello, Umbria called Artiganale

We just got back from a trip to Italy (Spello in Umbria was our base) and as luck would have it there was a local bakery just outside our door that made fantastic bread in a wood fired oven. I wanted to take a tour and post some photos etc here but my Italian isn't good enough to do so. We ate plenty of their bread though. A batard of bread made with half farro was under $2 (about 1.20 euro). I came home with quite a taste for saltless bread as that is what most of it is there. I encountered the same thing a while back when I first went to Italy and wasn't terribly fond of it but this time I came to appreciate it quite a bit. I'd like to adjust some of my baking to make some similar loaves eventually. I know the rise times will be different but I'll work on that later. Anyway, wanted to share the fun of travel and discovering local places. If anyone out there is in Spello or passes through some time they are open from 7:30 to about 1 and are called Artiganale. They are on Via Guilia in the range of 40-70 (we were at #97 and they were down hill from us near a little markete).


Anybody been there?