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Burnt Waffles

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Burnt Waffles

burnt waffle

Hm. Yes, must remember to remove the waffle from the oven before stepping into the shower. Does not bode well for this weekend's baking.


Last week's miche turned out quite well though. And I have a couple of loaves rising right now that I'm optimistic about.

In site news: I just swapped out the Drupal search with a customized Google search. It is hard to beat Google's search algorithm, so I think people will prefer this. Let me know what you think.


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My waffle iron died.  It gave me ghostly pale waffles this morning.  

Your miche looks delish.  And I'm sure the Google search will be a big hit. 

 Susan from San Diego

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Never fails. I always get charcoal. We're done eating, I'm just making leftovers to freeze, and, without exception, I forget about the last waffle.

Great looking miche. I made one yesterday that, minus the obligatory 15% whole wheat, was half and half white flour and semolina. Turned out OK, though I should have left it in the oven about 5-10 minutes longer. The crust wasn't crispy, but was soft. Ah well -- went great with potato leek soup.

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Floyd..I LOVE the GOOGLE search..speedy and for waffles..I am spoiled..we received a gift card to Macy's and purchased a Belgian waffle maker, like you see at hotel buffet has been well used and a huge favorite when the kids come home. Depending on the season it is sourdough waffles with fresh strawberries or peaches or marionberries....or PB and maple syrup..yum

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Glad to hear you like the search. I'm hoping it'll make it easier to track down some of the content that has fallen off the front page.

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I made waffles yesterday morning, from JMonkey's recipe here.  They were lovely.  I find I'm a little too anal to forget the last waffle, so none burned...this time.  Floyd, we have the same waffle iron as you.  And the Google search works great.


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I always heat my itty-bitty waffle iron on the range top.  Looking at that huge iron you have, however, you'd have to fire up four burners at once to get coverage.  That thing is a beast.

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It's an electric plug-in-the-wall thing - not one you put on the stove.