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One of my first loaves

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One of my first loaves

This loaf of hearth bread from The Bread Bible was one of my first efforts. I made it to serve with the pork shoulder I slow smoked for 18 hours. When I first started baking, I always used a loaf pan because I didn't have the confidence to try shaping the loaf myself. Since then I have stopped using the loaf pans for this type of bread and I'll be adding more photos soon to show the free-form loaves.Hearthbread loaf and pork

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Looks really good.

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The bread and the pork are awesome. What a meal that must have been.                        weavershouse

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I'll be eagerly awaiting your photos of the freeform version. Can you tell us what the hydration of the dough was?

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Yes, the hydration is 66.6%.  It's a pretty wet dough but after the second rise, when I punch it down and shape it, it's surprisingly easy to work with.  More photos coming soon.

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Beautiful beginning.

Oh,oh,oh, every time I look at your name I can't stop laughing..!

(and wishing I'd thought of it first..!)


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Bwahahahaa! Roger that to Browndog's comment. What a brilliant name. I love the sense of humor on this site. As in: We have another regular who named two sourdough starters after characters from The Princess Bride.

Have you hard that Mel Brooks is turning Young Frankenstein into a musical, a la The Producers? Can't wait to see that one.




"I am not a cook. But I am sorta cooky."

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Mini Oven

Thanks for sharing.

Mini O

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Boy, just looking at these loaves of bread makes me feel good.  Not to mention that pork shoulder up there.  I am so hungry right now!