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Whole Wheat/Grain Croissants

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Whole Wheat/Grain Croissants

Hi, I'd love to make some whole wheat or whole grain croissants. Does anybody have a recipe to share?


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staff of life

If you have a copy (or can obtain one) of Rose Levy Beranbaums's The Bread Bible, the very last recipe in there is for whole wheat croissants.  You really need the book, and not just the recipe (which I don't have the time to post here right now) as the instructions are so detailed.  Good luck and don't forget to post some pics!


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Mike Avery

I've been playing with croissants lately and thought I'd try a whole wheat croissant.

I found a recipe for one in one of the San Francisco Baking Institute's newsletters.

They are an amazing resource, available free at

The Spring 2005 issue has a great overview on making Croissants and the  Spring 2006 issue has a whole wheat croissant recipe that uses white whole wheat.

In all honesty, I don't know why anyone would want to make a whole wheat croissant.  Face it, a croissant is between 25 and 50% butter.  Not as a baker's percentage, but as a plain percent of the total dough weight.

Using whole wheat instead of white flour isn't going to make a croissant healthy.  I see pastries as a lovely indulgence, something one eats as a treat, not as an essential food group.  So, I don't worry that once a week or once a month I am having a white flour and fat fix.

Still, out of curiosity, I did make the recipe.  It worked well, though I overproofed the final croissants.  The taste was different from regular croissants.  Not bad, but not something I'd stand in line and pay money for either.  The dough was extensible up to a point and then it would suddently tear.  The dough rose well, even through it was a fairly weak dough with little elasticity.

I'll make these again to see how they are different when they aren't over risen.

If you try them, please let me know what you think of them.



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I took SFBI's Viennoiserie class a couple of weeks ago and we made whole wheat croissants. The formula was a bit different from the one in the newsletter in that there was some regular white flour in it as well. I liked the taste very much when paired with a savory filling -- we did some ham & cheese and some spinach & feta.

The class instructor also told of rye croissants he had in France recently... sounds interesting.


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Beth Hensperger has a recipe for whole wheat or cornmeal croissants in her Bread Bible.

These are both recipes in which there is only one cup of whole grain flour to four cups of white.