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Another Canadian joins the freshloaf crowd

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Another Canadian joins the freshloaf crowd

Hello all,

 I decided it was time to de-lurk and introduce myself - although I expect to do far more reading than posting, as I'm amazed at the wealth of experience that is here.

 I stumbled across this site while doing research on buying a new stand mixer, and I'm now the very proud owner of a Bosch Universal*. Yahoo! And after reading this site, the lovely people at amazon are sending me a copy of PR's WGB, and Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. Yup, I'm a whole wheat girl, I've been home-milling for three years now, and I'm excited about taking my bread-making to a whole new level.  I've already read all the threads in the Whole Grain section, now I'm going to go back and take notes.

 Hmm, what else? I'm from Alberta (anyone else? anyone?), the proud mom of five kids - triple batches are the norm around here with four boys - an over-the-top bookworm and a piano teacher.

 *side rant about brokerage fees: GRRR! ARRRGH! I bought my mixer from an American company that was offering free shipping to Canada, plus I called Customs just to make sure I didn't have to pay duty, so it sounded like a great deal. Well, blankety-blank UPS charged me fifty bucks in brokerage fees. Now I'm leery of buying anything else from the States, despite the phenomenal exchange rate.

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Bosch Concept 7 user and amateur pianist here (currently learning the Schubert violin sonata).

Fifty dollars seems absolutely extortionate; next time, try a different shipper.  Or maybe  Apologies from south of the border!

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I was born in Montreal, but grew up in the States. I just got my Canadian Citizenship card about a year back though, so perhaps I'll end up in BC some day.

Yeah... the exchange rate... wait a couple of weeks and the fee will only be 10 or 15 Canadian dollars.