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Baking in alternative appliances

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Baking in alternative appliances

The circulars are carrying ads for roasters, probably because you might want to use one for your Thanksgiving turkey.  The ad I'm looking at has an eighteen-quart Aroma roaster oven.  I can't see clearly, but it looks like temperature settings go up to 450F.  (The price is $39.99, "Orig. 89.99. Plus bonus electric gravy boat.")  I got to wondering how it would do for baking bread.  Has anyone tried one?

I do have a couple of crock pots.   Any possibility one of these would prove useful?

Just wondering....     Rosalie

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Does your crockpot have a thermostat?  Mine just has low and high.  I don't think the high is hot enough for bread.

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It is possible to make some bready products in a crock pot, but just... don't.  It's not worth it.

My favorite "alternative appliances" for baking bread is the grill.  One day the electricity went out just when I was getting ready to bake my nice loaf of bread.  I tried heating up my gas grill and cooking the load, and it turned out great!  The trick is temperature control.  Let the grill heat up thoroughly on high first.  Add the bread and turn down the heat to medium or low, then watch the temperature guage and fiddle with the controls until it stabilizes at the temperature you want.  You can also spray with water through vents once it's hot and you'll get steam.