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Brank spanking new, from Portland OR

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Brank spanking new, from Portland OR

I was just recommended this site- wowee it's chock full of info!

I'm having fun with the infamous no-knead bread in the NYTimes. I've been taking the recipe through a couple variants:

  • letting it rise very slowly for a couple days to try to boast the flavor
  • adding ~30 grams whole wheat and other nibbly bits (quinoa, nuts, oats, teff so far)
  • making it without yeast and rising a couple days- kind of a combo fake starter and low rise in one
  • my favorite: adding poppyseeds, cooked onions and gruyere.
I'm looking to kick it up a level though, kind of get more legit and that's where I'm at.

I've got Nancy Silverton's bread book, and a friend at a pizza place is giving me some starter next week.


Just what I need for the coming winter... a new bread obsession!


I also have a food blog where I'll probably be keeping track of the successes. But y'all will get the failures!


thanks in advance