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HI from Ensenada B.C. Mexico

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Bruce R Leech

HI from Ensenada B.C. Mexico

I love to bake Bread and I love this site. My wife and I have a small catering business here in Ensenada.

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Mini Oven

Tell us what kind of bread do you like to bake?

Mini O

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf.  It's a great place for breadies of all stripes.

Where in Ensenada are you located?  And what is the name of your catering business?  I'm guessing you will be slammed this week with all the Baja 1000 stuff going on.  I might be able to steer a little, but potentially longer term, business your way if I have an understanding of what you offer.  Drop me a line at khsmtu7377 :at:  Just replace the :at: with the @ symbol.

Meanwhile, dive in here at the TFL with questions, stories, recipes, pictures or anything else you have going on with bread.


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Bruce R Leech

I like to bake the rustic types of bread the most. I am building a wood fired oven and I am sure it will help me in achieving my prefect Loaf. right now I am baking in a Montague commercial convection oven and using a Hobart 20 qt mixer, it is good for the catering business but I would like a deck oven for baking bread.

 Our catering business is Breakfast, lunch and diner. both American and Mexican dishes with a lot of Backed goods. we do allot of cakes and box lunches for special events. yes the Baja 1000 keeps us prety busy for a while.

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I'm in Mexico city and I'm about to buy a Montague gas convection oven (Apollo). It's second hand and they have added it a steamer button, so I could use it for breads and bakery in general.

Could you please tell me if you 're happy with your Montague oven? What are it qualities and defects?


Thanks a lot!