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Injera per Chad Dykstra. Allow 36 hours

Injera per Chad Dykstra. Allow 36 hours

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I've tried a few injera recipes.  Below is a close-to-faithful summary of Chad Dykstra's 33 minute YouTube video ( ) which is a thorough, start to finish approach, and my favorite  If you've got 33 minutes, it would be much better to see his video.  He uses self-rising flour in step 8); I prefer teff, ww, or barley with baking soda.  13 injeras (16 inch diameter) are produced. 


How to make fantastic injera start to finish Chad Dykstra 32:29


Recipe ended up producing 13 injeras. Saying that 1) amounts of water to be used are a function of 'feel', and 2) you end up pouring off excess, he does not specify qty of H2O.


  1.  Have teff starter, will use 2 c. 

  2.  Mix together 3c teff flour, 2c barley flour, 2c ww flour (or more teff, barley) (white flour  is specified by Chad Dykstra)

      3.  Once homogeneous, slowly add starter, warm H2O, more starter, H2O, … all starter till firm doughball is formed.

      4.  Knead briefly

      5.  Add more H2O, work into batter, working out lumps.

      6. Cover and let ferment overnight in warm area.

      7.  Next morning, pour off liquid that covers batter.

      8.  2c of (teff, barley, or ww flour) in pitcher with warm (not hot!) H2O. Mix w/ hand.

      9.  Pour above, several small batchettes, into blender to be rid of lumps.

    10.  Pour above into batter container. Mix. Slowly add hot (not boiling!) H2O, stir. Ok if runny as will be able to pour off more liquid later.

    11.  Put in warm area for 4 hrs, then put in fridge or cold garage for about 4 hrs more in order to sink CO2 into batter.

    12. Pour off excess liquid (and save, in case need to return) then stir the now cold batter.

    13. Dump batter into pitcher, to easen pouring onto mitad.

    14. Set mitad (e.g., Bethany Housewares Heritage grill) to 450. Pour, wait till covered with holes, then cover mitad, wait till steam escapes, then remove injera.

    15. Let each injera cool a bit before stacking, as if hot will cohere.







Injeras (16 Inch diameter)
SourceChad Dykstra,
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