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Football foods!

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Football foods!

Hey everybody, I'm totally new here and here is what I am thinking about.  I would like a 12 to 14 inch bun that I cut the top off of and hollow out to stick a keilbosa or bratwurst into with some cheese sause and mustard (You don't have to tell me how good and fatty that sounds)  Picture having that with a beer while watching a football game with the boys.

 My problem is once I get the dough ready should I roll it out long or flatten it and fold it.  What does everyone think


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Hi Chris,

I think it doesn't really matter whether you roll it or fold it.

It depents on which of the techniques you can master better.

If you give the doughclump a surface tension befor you roll it, that is OK.
And if you fold it in a way that there will not be layers in the miniloaf, it is OK as well.

What football match is it, and where and when?


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