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Library book sale finds

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Library book sale finds

I went to our local library booksale yesterday and picked up a few books.  I haven't had a chance to look through them much, but hope to do so this weekend.  These are the books that I got for $1 each:

  • English Bread and Yeast Cookery (Elizabeth David)
  • The Complete Bread Cookbook (Ted & Jean Kaufman)
  • A World of Bread (David White)
  • The Art of Fine Baking (Paula Peck) - not a bread book, soft cover so I think it was 50¢

I don't own many bread books...well, I had 2 to be exact.  So I went to the sale and picked up anything that said "bread" in the title.  :o)  I felt so rich throwing my dollar bills here and there.  LoL! 

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Congratulations!  What fun finds.

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for cookbooks and baking books! What a great idea! We have those occasionally in our area - next time I see one advertised I'm going to check it out..