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Funny After taste

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Funny After taste

I hope someone can help me here, I've been baking bread using my bread machine and I've noticed a strange after taste to the bread I've tried eliminating the ingredients but it's still there, I've substituted dried yeast for fresh yeast and dried skim milk powder for fresh milk, the rest of the ingredients are salt and sugar and butter and those are the same now as before and the only other thing is the flour and that I haven't changed yet, so as flour seems to be the next step is there and reason my bread has a slight after taste almost metalic taste.

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I would have to say it is the pan that the bread is baked in.  I have never seen a bread machine yet that didn't have a non-stick aluminum pan.  All non-stick coatings do wear off, gradually.  Particles from it, when heated, will go into your food.  It has become known that Alzheimer's victims have alot of aluminum in their brains.  It's  accummulative.   It's in many products also, like deodorant, baking powder,  and even in prescription drugs.  I only use stainless steel or cast iron cooking and bakeware.  Salt stones for deodorant and Rumford's aluminum-free baking powder.  Probably alot of people would say that they don't taste any thing strange from using aluminum pans, but it is still getting into their bodies. 

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Mini Oven

with just water, let it cool and see if the taste is still there.   See if you notice the taste in other foods too.    I like Chikadee's comment... see if anyone else notices the taste.

Mini O

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The only thing I can think of might be if you are using whole wheat flour that has gone rancid if it hasn't been kept in the fridge, but I don't think that would give it a metallic taste. Have you had other people try the bread to see if they notice it?

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apparently my other partner notices it too and his description of the taste is more of a sour taste than metalic like first described, but as we live in denmark and there's not a great choice of flours it could be the one we're using the name is yogurtbread, we never noticed the flavour before but then we were just excited that we could get something that resembled fresh bread here, anyway i'm on my way now and i'm going to try ordinary flour and see if that comes out the same if it does then i'll definetly put it down to the bread pan


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I store my powdered milk in the freezer, because I find the taste goes off rather quickly. It gets a bit sour/rancid smelling.   I don't imagine you use very much in your bread, but you might want to give the milk a sniff, just in case.

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My bread machine started producing off flavors too!  I immediately thought that my flour was rancid, so i replaced it.  Then i thought it was the water, so i used distilled.  then i thought it was the yeast... nothing changed.  I've been making loaves by hand with the same ingredients and they're all fine.  It's something with the pan/machine.  i noticed black goopy stuff around the drive shaft when cleaning and i bet that's what it is.  Do drive shafts need to be oiled?