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I finally got it right

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November 15, 2005 - 8:16pm -- pulgas68

i've been baking for 5 months - been keeping this starter alive - even took it with me during the big hurricanes - and finally it get it right - it needed to be overly wet!


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Submitted by Floydm on

I like the little dino-spikes. It makes your loaf look MEAN!

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Submitted by pulgas68 on

it help with cutting even slices, too!

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Submitted by BEN WILEY on

beautiful, open crumb, too. looks like you had a nice, slack, well-hydrated, wet dough. i need to make moister doughs ithink. most of the loaves i make end up with rather dense crumbs. while i dont mind it at all (neither do my "eaters") i want to master control over theoutcomes more effectively.