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Focaccia from Bread Baker's Apprentice

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October 14, 2007 - 10:20am -- SteveB

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Submitted by Mini Oven on

Hi Steve, my quiet and thoughtful sage, Beautiful! I hesitated the other day to use chopped fresh rosemary on my dough, I thought the camphor smell too strong, but as it has worked for others... it was time I took the jump. I also dribbled olive oil all over it. Wow! After baking, the camphor was gone and a great taste was left. The aroma so wonderful we had to invite the neighbors over. We ate it later that evening with white wine, goat cheese, olives and cherry tomatoes and rubbed garlic on toasted slices! Everything on one big board! (diagonnaly sliced oak, about 5 feet long) ...In the shade in the garden.

Mini O