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wholemeal/wholegrain self raising flour

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wholemeal/wholegrain self raising flour

g'day I am up really early this morning with not much to do so I thought I'd try a new recipe. Lo and  behold I've run out of wholemeal/wholegrain self raising flour. So...just wondering if the same can be applied to wholemeal plain flour as we do with plain white flour ....add some baking powder?



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Hi Virginia.  Some self-rising flours also contain salt, at least in the US.

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Mini Oven

Sure, why not?  Throw some in and see what happens.  :)

Mini O

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postiechic I gave it a shot.....I guess it worked. I can't compare the finished product to one that would've been made with self raising wholemeal coz it was the first time I'd made this thing. Which btw was a 'health loaf'.......%100 wholemeal flour, all bran cereal, sultanas, canned apricots incl juice, raw sugar and coconut. No eggs, no fat. So I wasn't too sure if it was just gunna completely self destruct when I tried to slice it. It looked rather boring. Tasted...........yummmmm!