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A transplanted Canadian here in St. Louis, MO

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A transplanted Canadian here in St. Louis, MO

Hi - hope this is where I am supposed to post this...

I grew up in Canada, and actually learned to bake bread very shortly before I moved to the United States (I'm now a citizen), 10 yrs ago.

I love baking bread - but I'm easily intimidated by recipes that look "difficult", even if they're not. I have made sourdough from my ma-in-law's starter but hated the taste of it...other than that I've only made regular breads such as that do not require any "poolish" or "starter" or other "scary" things.

I am hoping to attempt bigger and better things in the future. I enjoy reading this website.

Part of my breadmaking problems are finding recipes that are low-fat but not dry and tasteless.

I especially enjoy making a simple, braided French Bread.

Both of my kids (ages 6 & 3) are always eager to help with breadmaking and after watching a Father Dominic breadmaking video my 6 yr old insisted she wanted to make bread "ALL BY MYSELF." Well I still had to supervise and knead the dough a bit before turning it out onto the counter - but she did great...she made some colored (blue and yellow) French Bread.

Well I better run - it's time for naps (my 3 yr old AND me!)