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New from Niagra Falls

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New from Niagra Falls

Hello!  I am new here, and I guess pretty new to yeasted breadmaking.  I've only made pizza dough, knish, and 'Outrageously easy Big Bread' before yesterday, when I made the NYT's overnight bread.  It came out wonderfully!  I live in the Niagra Falls area, I'm 23, and I've just finished my MA.  I work for a church and bring my lunch every day, so right now I'm looking for good lunch recipes/sandwitch breads.  Hope to get to know you all soon!

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This is a truly great site for everyone, you can learn a lot here and the people are very friendly and helpful. Please tell us about your Knishes and give the recipe, I have missed them since I left NYC, we grew up eating them all the time and now when I am back up there I pack the coolers in the car with loads of them for us and the grown kids down here by us. Some things you just can't get in the south. Mattie