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Grain Mills

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Grain Mills


I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with any of the German home grain mills, such as the Schnitzer, Wolfgang or Eschenfelder (Hawo)? I've been using a motorized Country Living mill, but I'm looking for a faster mill. I've tried the Nurtrimill, and it's good for large quantities, but it doesn't go quite as fine as the Country Living mill. The German mills look interesting, but wonder if they'll mill as fine as the Country Living mill. Thanks...



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No exprience with those but you might want to also expand your search into mills designed for homebrewers - many are designed to be used with an electric drill for speed.

Not sure if the PhilMill 2, for example, will adjust fine enough for flour (brewer's grist is more coarse than flour) but the boys over at Listermann are very friendly and would happily
answer any questions you have about suitability for baking.

There are others out there.


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I realize this is a pretty old thread, but I had to respond... I used to be a homebrewer and from experience the mill I used only cracked the grains for my mashing.  When making brew, you don't want a fine grind or you'll end up with soup.

I wouldn't use a beer mill for making bread flour, it might be ok for very course cracked grain, but for fine flour, no good.