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Salt in Starter

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Salt in Starter

There has been some discussion here on salt in starter.  I think the point was to have the starter last longer between feedings.  For those of you who do this, how much salt do you use?  What is the overall effect?  I'm particularly interested in a firm starter.  I've been keeping mine at 60%.

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I wouldnt salt your mother culture. Leave it pure :)

Salt is used to slow fermentation in various pre-ferments. A safeguard of sorts. If you are going to elaborate your starter to use in a final dough you can salt it at up to 1.8% (of flour weight) to slow yeast activity. Adjust your final dough percentages to account for the inclusion of salt in your pre-ferment (firm starter in this case).

If you want your mother culture to ripen more slowly you can adjust the percentage of starter in your feedings. As well, the temperature of your water and or ambient (room) temperature can be lowered to slow ripening.

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