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Organic Chopped Rye for Pumpernickel

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Organic Chopped Rye for Pumpernickel

I bought a pack of Organic Chopped Rye for Pumpernickel from shipton mill in UK and a bit stuck as what to do with it -

my husband really likes Pumpernickel bagels and bread, but I haven't got the courage to try it out yet.

Any suggestions/recipes will be greatly appreciated


Thank you


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GoddisgoodeThe recipe on the shipton page for pumpernickel looks good. I used to make 'pump' in the only factory of its kind in yhe uk, Springhill farm bakery, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. We did the scalding process with some of the grain we milled and left it overnight then added more freshly cracked rye plus a little sour dough rye, mixed it all well thgen extruded it into oblong tins, covered them and baked it all at about 110 degrees C for 18hours. It tasted awesome once we cooled it, cut it  and packed it into small packs and rebaked/pasteurised the whole package for a further three hours at just over 80 degresss inside the sealed pack effectivel giving it a great shelf life of over 9 months. When everything went well it tasted the best I have ever tried, sweet yet savoury too and not too cardboard like. try their recipe and see how things go. The bit about caramalising the starches is the important thing to get to what a good 'pump' should be like.