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How CanI Get bread to stay in larger shapes?

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How CanI Get bread to stay in larger shapes?

I have a problem with bread staying up and not being stiff enough to hold a larger round shape. I have all the others parts in place now, but need to know how I get it stiffer. I presume I just add more flour, but his dough keeps saying it is a wet dough and not to add more flour.

I let the first section rise in the fridge overnight and let it warm to room temp already before making the final dough. That has give it more bubbles and texture. Since it is so wet I knead final dough by pullng up and out with wooden spoon for 7 mintues.


Thanks for any input.




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I would suggest intermittently folding your dough every 30 minutes for let's say 2 hrs in the first bulk ferment. Then, when the dough is ready to bake, I would pull it out of the fridge and shape it right away and let it proof.  Try that and see how it works out.


Happy Baking,


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It did lots bettter...thanks. At first I thought It would destroy the action, but the dough just kept coming back. It did make it more smoothe to work with too without destroying the inherent rising action.

I left it overproof, fell asleep, and it could have been even better.


Thanks a lot....great tip.